• Students must bring one valid ticket to every class
  • Tickets may be shared by siblings.
  • Make-up Class (only 12 week valid tickets) – Within the 12-week validation, students may make up two classes. Please email for arrangement.
  • Once you run out of tickets, please purchase the next booklet of tickets (12 tickets in a booklet) at class.
  • Should you misplace your tickets, please notify I can. Programs administration or staff.
  • I can. Programs will extend tickets if the student does not attend class due to an injury or illness upon notification.
  • I can. Programs will extend tickets if we are notified in advance of purchase that the student will be missing three or more consecutive weeks (home leave, trip).
  • Refund – There is a no refund policy with the exception of the case that the student is leaving Japan for good.


Continuation & Discontinuation

  • Student need not re-register at the end of a semester (December & June) if he/she has remaining valid tickets.
  • If not, in order to continue, he/she must purchase a new booklet of tickets.
  • Discontinuing students are to notify I can. Programs administration or staff, as some classes have waiting lists.
  • Students should wear easy-to-move-around-in exercise outfit (no skirts, no jeans) and should be barefooted (socks allowed during colder months). T-shirts should be tucked in properly.
  • Students should come to class ON TIME.
  • Students are to go to the RESTROOM BEFORE CLASS.
  • Should your child be missing class, please email: wakabayashi@igcjapan.com or leave a message at (03-3440-0384).



  • There is NO PARKING at the Nishimachi International School and NO CARS should drive through the street in front of the school. Please park elsewhere and walk to the school.
  • Parking is available at the International School of the Sacred Heart. Please refrain from parking up the hill from the parking lot.


Parent Watching Days

  • Parent Watching Days are scheduled 1 to 2 times within a term. Unless it is a Parent Watching Day, parents must leave the gym and school premise during class period.
  • Picture taking and filming during Parent Watching Days are welcomed.


Cancellation of Class

  • In the case of class cancellation, I can. Programs will notify you in advance (by email and/or at the class).
  • If I can. Programs cancels a class, tickets will be extended.