My child is 3 years old and joining I can. Programs for the first time. What are the classes available for his age?

For three year old children who are new to our program, we recommend parents to start them in our Tiny Tot tumbling classes. There are 30-minute and 45-minute classes available. Each child is to be accompanied by one parent or family member. I can. instructors will guide the parent to take their child through the various exercises on the gymnastics equipment.

Once your child is ready, upon discussion with the instructor, they will be recommended to participate in the 3 to 6 year old class (drop off class; no parent participation).

Does my child need previous gymnastics experience?

No. Our classes are designed to teach beginners to students who are familiar with gymnastics skills. We teach basic gymnastics only to provide a means to help build confidence in children.

Can a student join the program at any time?

If there are openings available and the class you are interested in is an on-going class, meaning that it does not run for a specific term, then a student can join at any time. New students do not join on Parents’ Watching Days.

Can my child take more than one class per week?

Yes. If there are openings in our on-going programs, then it is no problem.

Some classes with limited admittance (smaller class capacity & limited to students attending the school) allow you to register for only once a week.

Is the activity safe?

Yes. Our instructors are highly qualified and trained. The children learn to do basic gymnastics skills to build their confidence. For example, the four basic skills that the students learn for tumbling are forward rolls, cartwheels, headstands, and back handsprings with support.

Our teaching method also emphasizes discipline and children do not play or run around during the class. Our classes are not playgroups. Children are encouraged to watch other children, which we feel is an essential part of the learning process.

What level of gymnastics do the children do?

In all of our classes, we teach basic gymnastics skills.

What is the facility and equipment available?

Our classes are held in gymnasiums and multi purpose rooms at the international schools. In the gymnasiums, gymnastics equipment such as the trampoline, balance beam, bar, vault with mini trampoline, and tumbling mats are available. In smaller facilities, there are tumbling mats and more compact equipment available.

Do the parents get to watch the class?

Parents are invited to observe the entire class on Parents’ Watching Days usually held twice in one term. On other days, parents are asked to drop off and pick up their children. For new members, limited viewing time is available upon consultation with the instructor.