About us

With over 40 years of experience

I can. Programs was founded through the inspiration and dream to instruct children and adults alike in an “I Can!” attitude. Developing an “I Can!” attitude is a means to greater achievement in life and when this attitude is strong enough, conquering new abilities and challenges becomes a way of life.

Abiding by this philosophy the aim is to build confidence as well as attaining greater physical strength and agility through a much loved sport – gymnastics and motor coordination activities. This is all summed up in one phrase, which all our students reaffirm each lesson – “I Can!”. Much of the motivation for building a company such as this, geared to bring out the best possible in virtually everyone we come into contact with, came from the belief: if you think you can; you can. After a few years of teaching we finally realized that the best way to reach adults with the “I Can!” attitude was to instill it in their children. In 1980 our company, IGC Japan Ltd. was formed.

Our gymnastics and confidence building program has thrived through the years and most of our instructors come from competitive gymnastics backgrounds and attend or are graduates of renowned physical education universities and International Schools in Japan. Through our training course, we teach staff the ways to instruct children using the “I Can!” motivational method.

We look forward to seeing you soon.