I CAN’s aim is to build confidence as well as to develop physical strength, core stability, better balance, and agility.


I can.


When you say I CAN it makes things easier.

Developing an “I Can!” attitude is a means to greater achievement in life

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Testimonials, Let’s See What Parents Say?

We love I CAN. They are fully dedicated and we trust their  way of teaching!

For a two months period (8 classes) my son did not join in the class and he sat in a seat. The instructors were very patient with him and assured us that “watching is learning too.” After weeks of sitting and observing, he finally decided to participate. I guess he needed time to adjust and I really appreciate I CAN for helping him catch up at his own pace.
My daughter was very keen to continue her gymnastics training (she was advanced level and competed in the US) when we arrived in Japan. I contacted I CAN after searching on the web. Although the director, Mr. Lee explained that they may not be “enough” for my daughter’s ability he welcomed her for a trial class. We decided to join I CAN because she loved working on some brand new skills that he introduced to her!
My husband and I were looking for a toddlers program and our neighbors introduced us to I CAN Tiny Tot tumbling. The class was full so we waited for a few months, but it was worth the wait! The classes were fun and a great way for my husband to bond with our daughter. The director explained that this is a class not so much for the children, but for the parents – to learn to better work with our child. Being first time parents, we sure learned a lot!!!
The best thing about the I CAN class is that it is NOT a playgroup and the kids are not just running around. There is structure and the kids are taught in a DISCIPLINED environment.
I CAN has become an important part of our life. My child scolded me for saying “I can’t..!” and pointed out that if I said I can and tried to park in a narrow parking space, it will be EASIER! Who knew that a six year old can be so wise…
Thank you I CAN for all that you teach my boy.
When I heard the children yell “I can!” at the beginning of the class and the positive phrases that follow (kind of a mantra), I was impressed that the class is not just about gymnastics. Even if it is only once a week I am happy that my son gets affirmations and is told that accomplishing even small tasks things by saying I CAN and doing them, can make it easier.
My two year old recently started I CAN classes at the TAC, and she loves to say I CAN to us at home. She even shows us her “attempts” at the forward rolls. We decided to make a I CAN game where we practice the warm up exercise to music just like in Mr. Lee’s class!
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