What is the tuition?

The on-going classes require the purchase of tickets. The tickets come in 12 per booklet and are valid for either 12 weeks or 14 weeks. Tickets with 12 week validation must be used up within the 12 weeks, but the student can make up two classes within the validation. There is no make-up available for the tickets with 14 week validation (two extra weeks are given to attend 12 classes).

The classes set by term or by the school year are to be paid upfront for the entire number of classes. Tickets are not issued for these classes.

Are the tickets to be used by a certain time frame?

Tickets are to be used in either 12 weeks or 14 weeks.

Is there a registration or admission fee?

Yes, new students have a one time non refundable admission fee of 12,000 yen. It is 8,000 yen for children who attend ASIJELC, BST, ISSH, NIS, or a family member of TAC (our present locations). Tiny Tot program students on the weekends have a registration fee of 7,000 yen.

Is there a registration or admission fee for classes organized through the schools or club?


What procedure do I take to re-register my child after the holidays?

If you have valid tickets, then your child is automatically re-registered after the holidays. In the case that you run out of tickets, please purchase your new set of tickets before the holidays to secure your child’s place.

Can I use a ticket that has expired?

Unless I can. Programs has canceled a class and extended the validation, a ticket that has expired may NOT be used.

I have tickets left over, what do I do?

If the tickets that you have are still valid, they may be transferred to another student in the same class. If you would like to transfer them to a student in a different class, please consult I can. Programs administrator.

Can my two children participate in the class using tickets from the same booklet?

Families with more than one child participating on the same class day can purchase one booklet of 12 tickets at a time. When you run out of tickets, please purchase a new set of tickets. In this case, it is likely that you run out of tickets before the validation date.

Can I sell my tickets?

Tickets may be sold to another student only when the tickets are valid. Each ticket is valued at 2,600 yen.

Do I get a refund for the tickets?

We have a NO refund policy. If you are leaving Japan indefinitely, please consult the I can. Programs administrator.