Tiny Tots classes (walking to 3 year olds)

Be a part of developing your child’s confidence
If your child is walking and prepared to explore the world, they are ready for this class. Spend quality time with your little one in this 30 – 45 minute weekly program, where you become a vital part of nurturing confidence at an early stage in your child. Learn how to assist your child in physical activities with the guidance of our instructors. This program helps the development of your child’s motor coordination skills while you discover disciplinary techniques, and more importantly it helps in fostering a positive parent-child relationship.

Class Structure: Structure: This class is designed for toddlers accompanied by one parent. A 30 minute class is offered once a week at Tokyo American Club (Azabudai) and 45 minute class at Nishimachi International School (Moto Azabu). At class in NIS, a maximum of 35 students are taught by four to five instructors. At TAC, a maximum of 8 students (due to the room size) are taught by one to two instructors. Children go through a brief warm-up exercise to music as the instructor demonstrates the exercises in front of the class and the parents assist their children. Tumbling exercises covering basic skills including forward rolls, motor coordination skills, and stretching follow. Every child does back handsprings with support by their parents. Other skills are taught on gymnastics equipment such as the trampoline, bars, and beam. There is also an obstacle course where students spend 10 – 15 minutes.

Goal: The goal of this class is to introduce gymnastics and gymnastics safety to both parents and toddlers. Gymnastics skills are used to build confidence and to improve motor skills. With the help of our “I Can” spirit and teaching approach, children and parents learn to discover their capabilities.

Locations: Moto Azabu, Azabudai