Beginners classes (3 ~ 6 year olds) 

First step to independence
Now participating in class without you, your child achieves a firsthand experience to our program. With the support and assistance of our instructors, students boost their confidence to new heights in a positive, safe, and structured environment. Our instructors are well trained to nurture your child’s self-esteem. We value and recognize the slightest improvements and by adding encouragement, your child will discover new capabilities and the joy of success.

Class Structure: Students participate in class at least once every week. The class number is a maximum of 45 students (NIS/Moto Azabu) and is taught by three to five instructors. At ASIJELC (Roppongi Hills) there is a maximum of 15 students taught by two instructors. Skills are taught based on each student’s ability and therefore the class is made up of beginner to advanced level children. Instruction is given on tumbling, trampoline, bars, balance beam, vault, and mini-trampoline (Equipment may vary depending on location). Every student is taught how to do a back handspring with support. At the end of a school term (December and June), students show their skills to parents (Watching Days for parents).

Goal: The goal of this class is to introduce gymnastics in a safe and enjoyable manner. Gymnastics skills are used to build confidence and to improve motor skills. With the help of our “I Can” spirit and teaching approach, children learn to discover their capabilities.

Locations: Roppongi Hills, Moto Azabu