Activities (4 ~ 6 year olds)

Boosting confidence through fitness and coordination skills
Looking for activities where your children can learn some of the basic physical activity skills like you did in your youth? Our activities program gives children a foundation from which they can achieve successes in their fitness activities whether they decide to engage in sports or daily exercise. From jump roping to dodge ball, students get a workout while they improve their body coordination and build confidence. Our instructors will guide students to become an energetic go-getter in a safe and organized environment. This program has a strong emphasis on boys.

Class Structure: Students participate in class at least once every week. At ASIJELC (Roppongi Hills) there is a maximum of 16 students taught by one to two instructors. Fitness skills and drills are taught based on each student’s ability. Skills consist of ball skills (throwing, catching, kicking, dribbling), hula hooping, jump rope, running… etc. At the end of a school term (December and June), students show their skills to parents (Watching Days for parents).

Goal: The goal of this class is to introduce sport skills in a safe and enjoyable manner. We focus on building children’s confidence levels through physical challenges and as a result help to improve their motor skills. With the help of our “I Can” spirit and teaching approach, children learn to discover their capabilities.

Locations: Roppongi Hills (Only for ASIJELC students)

For more information please email Miss Wakabayashi at: